Bridesmaids Dresses

Long past are the days that Brides chose bridesmaids dresses that were hideous because they didn’t want anyone looking better than them. Today bridesmaids dresses are more modern and chic and you could actually wear it again. I suggest the first time you search for your bridesmaids dress shop alone. You could possibly take one person to try on the gown, but you do not want everyones opinion drowning out your desire. Keep in mind the pricing and remember every style does not flatter everybody.

Vera Wang

Eden Bridal

One great trend that I was happy to welcome was to pick the colors and possibly the material and let your bridesmaids choose their own style. The reason I say the material because you don’t want three of your bridesmaids choosing satin or chiffon and one bridesmaid showing up in jersey knit. They could either choose one particular style of dress or mix & match with seperates.

Alfred Angelo

By taking into reasonable consideration how your bridesmaid may feel wearing the gown you will have a happier wedding party and less stress.


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