Its all about Ruby!

Guess what Ruby’s wedding was mentioned in Jacksonville’s Magazine. You remember Ruby don’t you. Our fun-loving bride that got married in March at the Jacksonville Zoo. Well this blog is dedicated to Ruby. I love planning a wedding where the bride is open to suggestions. I remember when I suggested the Jacksonville Zoo to her; her reaction was the same as anyone who hasn’t visited the zoo lately. Once we had our on-site tour she was sold. I gathered a great team for Ruby and together we created the fun and awesome wedding (It doesn’t hurt to have a great couple). Corinna Hoffman was the artistic force behind all the photographs from engagement to wedding and yes even trash the dress.
Ruby thank you for being you. I loved working with you! This is for you…

Ruby and Mikes wedding was featured on the Truly Engaging Blog. You can also find blogs about Ruby on Kelley’s Bloom Room blog and Corinna Hoffman Photography.


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