Wedding Budgets

Wedding budget is the key to any great wedding. Whether your budget is five thousand or fifty thousand, you must make a budget and stick to it. Figure out what in your wedding is most important to you and what is the least. The reception is what takes up the most of your budget at the average of 45%. This covers your food, beverages, linens, cake, favors, etc. The most important factor in our reception budget is your number of guest. If you are having your wedding at one of your local hotels your average cost per guest can range from $40 per person to $90 per person. Your average cake ranges from $3.75 per slice to $4.75. Don’t forget to factor in your favors, linens, chairs, etc.
If you wind up spending more on an item then you anticipating don’t forget to subtract that amount from another part of your budget. Try and keep your wedding budget in a different account then your personal checking or savings. This will help keep down some of that stress they keep talking about.


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