Wedding Wishes Contest Winner!: Bobby and Leilani!

We have our winner! Bobby and Leilani are the winners of our “Wedding Wishes Contest” . They were very creative in their entry and wrote in a fairy tale about how the misfortune of the big bad wolf aka Hurricane Katrina had destroyed the home they once shared and how the seven dwarfs of dragged the damsel Leilani off to the mines of unemployment. The story was very creative and entertaining and still told of their hardship.

“All was going well for the couple they were right on track to their
ever after. The had the castle, their jobs, the tiptoe of little feet
running around (actually not so little—more like the stomping of teenagers)
this was not to last. The Big Bad Wolf (Hurricane Katrina) got wind of
happiness and decided to do what she did best. So she huffed and she
puffed and
she blew the castle down (boy did all that slobber cause
extensive water
damage). It was then and there that the decision to
move to a new land was
made a land with a Magic Kingdom.”

The couple will be married in the fall at the Queens Harbour. We will continue to feature the sponsoring vendors on the blog.


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