Wedding Book Giveaway

10 of the best wedding books are being given away. Wow, what a great prize. Get your inspiration boards together and submit your entries by May 31st. Here is the information directly from

Perfect 10 Giveaway with LA Style Unveiled
If you were browsing
The Lounge yesterday on LA Style Unveiled, you would have seen their Perfect 10 Wedding Planning books post 🙂 Well, we have
some fabulous news to share!!! LA Style Unveiled and
Jomygoodness have teamed up to give away all 10 wedding planning books on
that list!! Yes, you heard right!! This is a major giveaway and will
help you or someone you know plan their wedding with ease 🙂 So, what do
you have to do to win this amazing prize?!? Here are the
1. Gather together 6-10 photos that best showcase the
theme and inspiration for your wedding day. IMPORTANT: make sure you
note where each photo came from, ie: Martha Stewart Weddings or Jose
Villa’s blog, etc. Entries without photo credit will NOT be considered.
The easiest way to do this is to save each photo with the source as the
title. 2. Email these photos to:,
with the subject line: Wedding Book Giveaway 3. Include in your
entry your name, wedding date, and a brief description of your wedding
Entries must be in by May 31st. We will announce the winner on
The Lounge and on Jomygoodness on April 5th, by showcasing a collage using the
photos from the winner. Not only will the winner receive the amazing prize
of the Perfect 10 wedding planning books, but their wedding collage will help
inspire other local LA brides!! 🙂 So, go out into the world of the web,
find some amazing photos, and send them our way!!


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