Broadcast your wedding

In the past we blogged about reducing cost of your wedding by reducing your guest list you can review the article here. How many of your closest friends and relatives are there on your 150 guest count. We must admit, we want everyone to share this most precious moment of our lives. You don’t want to invite people to your ceremony and not to the reception. We are talking anywhere from $40 to $96 per guest for dinner at venues also providing catering services. Now lets add in linens (chair covers, napkins, etc), favors, place cards, invitation, and thank you notes…just to start. You just added maybe another $20 for one person.
Wow, didn’t think of that did you.

So what do you do? If you really just want people to see the ceremony.

Broadcast your wedding live!

There are several broadcasting networks to use for your wedding. is one of the few out there. The basic package begins at $349. You can have up to 50 viewers and on demand access for up to 30 days after your wedding.

If you are a DIY bride you have the option to receive the equiptment and handle everything yourself. You can also provide the name of your videographer and have IdoStream and the videographer take care of everything. If you do not have a videographer IdoStream is partnered with over 200 videographers throughout the United States that would be happy to work with you.

For more information please visit


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