Vendor Spotlight

Everything But The Dress: Debbie Lowery
(Wedding Wishes Contest Vendor)

Your name: Debbie Lowery
Company Name: Everything But The Dress
Years in Business: 1 ½ years
How did you get started: After our daughter got married, my family and I decided we would start our own business using what we learned while planning her wedding
Best advice you can give to a bride: Have fun! You need to remember that your wedding day is just that…..a day; but a marriage, now that should last a life time!
What has been your strangest request: Nothing strange so far
Do you work with an assistant: Yes, my husband and 2 daughters, they work for food
What would you say is your style: Easy going, we’ll help brides find the accessories, favors and gifts they’re looking for, even if we don’t carry it
Who is the person you most admire: My Pastor, he reminds us often to always remember those who are less fortunate
Who is the person that inspired you: My husband Don and my 2 daughters Megan and Lauren
What is your proudest moment in your business: I have 2: Every time someone trusts our company enough to place an order with us and, when a bride tells me they’ve been to our web site, heard of us or still have my business card from a year prior


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