The Running of the Brides

If you thought “Black Friday” was bad, try between a bride and her wedding gown. Thousands of Brides camp out, waiting for the doors to open to find their dream wedding gown. Filene’s Basement sale is coming to Atlanta, GA on March 20, 2009.

Designer gowns are available from $249 to $699, wow that is a bargain no one can miss. Have a strategy gowns are not organized by size, name or style.

Here are some key tips on surviving the rush.

1. Bring a team- Two to three others.

2. Find “The” dress before going, research what you want print a picture and give a copy to each person on your team

3. Wear comfortable shoes, its a lot of footwork and running.. hence running of the brides

4. Grab as many as you can

5. Don’t be afraid to negotiate

6.Bring a hand mirror… too many brides, not enough full mirrors

7. Unless you don’t mind stripping down to your undies, where a body suit under your clothing. Something fitted.

8. Make sure you purchase the dress you want there are no returns.

I hope this information helps you. You can visit the site directly at


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