Real Weddings:I proudly present Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo

This truly was my pleasure. Rachel first called me a little over a year ago. We met a Barnes and Noble in the Regency are of Jacksonville. We had our meeting and I presented what I had to offer. I do believe the next day she contacted me and stated she would love for me to be her wedding planner. We begin right away. About two weeks after I met her fiance, Ariel. I just thought they made the cutest couple. I can not state how easy it was to work with the two of them. Everything went smoothly, of course she did not chose the first vendor she met but she trusted my judgement and let me match her with a great team.

Wow, did the time fly! Ariel and Rachel were wed on the balcony at the Wyndham Riverwalk in Jacksonville, FL at 5 pm. It is amazing how close you get to your clients. With the hard work of some amazing vendors, their wedding and reception was a success. Scarlett Lillian took some great photos as usual. The couple and the guest danced the night away to Kai Alece and her band. To see the visions and ideas come together still takes my breath away. More pictures will be sure to come.

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