Second Time Brides

Second Time Brides
There has been a lot of speculation on whether or not a woman who is remarrying should wear a white gown, or if she should have a large wedding, there are even etiquette rules on the time of day the wedding should occur. Well, I am a stickler for “Have it your way” as my readers may already know. A bride should not feel she should have to tone it down because she is getting remarried. My main advice is to weigh your guest. Depending upon the circumstances of your remarriage, rather it was divorce or  being widowed the timing is crucial. People may feel it is “too soon” and choose not to participate in your joyous occasion. Your guest may still be friends with your ex and have mixed feelings on whether to attend. Don’t let the negatives put a damper on your joyous day. Don’t take it hard or personal. Everyone will have an opinion of how you should handle your wedding…even with first time brides.  The decision still lies between you and your fiancé’. This is the time to celebrate a new life together. You may want to include the children in a special ceremony to show the joining of the entire family. Do not let others affect how your wedding turns out. So rather you decide on a small intimate wedding, a destination wedding or the whole shabang. Do it your way and have a great time.

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One thought on “Second Time Brides

  1. Hmmm, we might be on the same page. We’ve got the same template, and I’ve been planning a series on second times brides (I was one myself!) Let’s keep in touch!

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